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How Do I Forgive

3 Steps to Forgiveness

Book a Forgiveness Session

Would you like to work on forgiveness 1:1 with Erica Glessing?

Sessions are by phone or skype only!

You may arrange a single 45-minute session or book in sets of three.

Single Session:
In one session we will go into one memory or address one person that you have been having trouble forgiving. We may or may not release all of the forgiveness around that individual, as some people (for instance parents) may require additional time and forgiveness practice to completely forgive. You will release and forgive deeply, however, and if the person or situation you are forgiving is extremely charged we will begin the process plus you will leave with homework you can complete on your own to keep working on the forgiveness once our session is complete.

Trio of Sessions:
Recommended if you are working through a series of issues where forgiveness is challenging for you on your own. You may say things like “I could never forgive him” or “I could never forgive that,” and we will work towards releasing and forgiving anything and anyone regardless of “reality” as you perceive it presently. Each session will take you deeper into your timeline and you will be given tools to release and forgive around everything that has happened in your life. You may or may not end up forgiving that one person (parent usually) completely but you will be given tools to make exceptional progress on your forgiveness path. You will leave also with homework for you to keep releasing and forgiving on your own once the sessions are complete. Note: If you forgive everything you need to forgive in the first or second session, the third session can be focused on healing or releasing places you are blocked in your life!

Set of Three Sessions:

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