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How Do I Forgive

3 Steps to Forgiveness

Glorious Expansion Audio plus Transcript

Expansion Audio Recording by Erica Glessing

Here is an excerpt from this all-new call on expansion. How to step into your expansion in a bigger way. How to grasp the changes you are going through as you step into forgiveness, release, and open up to your greatest potential…

So this is Erica Glessing, and I am so happy to be here in co-creation with all of you, and I feel like just saying straight up that all of you are in expansion. You’re attracted to expansion for a reason, and it’s part of who you are right now on the planet…

So we can all just sit in that space of that glorious expansion, and of course when you’re growing, and changing, and shifting it doesn’t always feel glorious, there are moments when you feel that it is like the Earth shifting, and things are tilting in your world.

I just had some conversations just not so long ago that really shifted the energy of something that’s going on in my life in a really major way, and it almost felt like the flying carpet I was on was now changed and I was on a different carpet. It felt so different. So while expansion is glorious, it can also have different outcomes…

So when I asked for guidance on what this call will be about, I really stepped into, “How do we raise the vibration so our expansion is in the highest part of ourselves?”

Expansion Audio Recording Plus Transcript of Call

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