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How Do I Forgive

3 Steps to Forgiveness

How Do I Forgive All Four Audio Series!

Thank you for purchasing four wonderful audio recordings by Erica Glessing on how to forgive!!!

Here are your recordings!

Forgiveness as a Way of Being
This is a get you started video on forgiveness with the practices of forgiveness spelled out in a very easy way, plus a quiet meditation to take you into forgiveness. Delicious!

Forgiveness As a Way of Being

How Do I Forgive Unspeakable Acts?

This video walks you through forgiving the big ones, the big parts of your life you could previously not forgive.

How Do I Forgive Audio Unspeakable Acts

How Do I Forgive? What Lie Did You Believe?
This is a perfect recording for you to release parental or former boss critical voices and criticisms that may have stuck inside you, causing you to doubt your own beauty and worth! This is one of my all-time favorite concepts and processes and we even lead you into a quiet meditation where you are given wisdom from beyond. YUMMY!

How Do I Forgive Audio What Lie Did You Believe

How Do I Forgive Audio Power Timeline

By far the most powerful of all of the audio series, this exercise takes you on a journey back over your own lifetime, forgiving as you go. It’s deep and wonderful and energizing and actually will leave you feeling uplifted, guided, loved and protected. This is my favorite. Wait! All of them are my favorite. No, I think this is by far my favorite.


How Do I Forgive Audio Power Timeline Forgivenesses

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