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How Do I Forgive

3 Steps to Forgiveness

How Do I Forgive Audio Series!

Erica Glessing shares forgiveness on these audio recordings created personally and expressly for you!

Audio: Forgiveness As a Way of Being

When you commit to forgiveness as a way of being, your life force is given back to you and you are energized. Erica Glessing takes you into forgiveness and explains how you can let go of the pieces you have not been able to release!

$9.99 USD

Audio: Forgiveness for Unspeakable Behavior

How to forgive those acts that are truly unspeakable. How to get into forgiveness when it is beyond your current framework to be able to forgive. Letting go of the tough forgiveness pieces in your life.

$9.99 USD

Audio: Forgive the Lies You Were Told

Beginning from childhood, any time you were told that you were small, this was a lie. Because the human spirit is indeed great. Letting go of the lies you were told, letting go of parents and teachers criticisms. Stepping into your own greatness. Forgiving the difficult people in your life.

$9.99 USD

Audio: Journey through Your Timeline

This is a very powerful audio recording and you may not be driving or operating equipment while listening. You will be taken on a journey through your childhood into your present, forgiving in a chronological fashion from a deeply relaxed state. This is a miraculous process and always works. You may listen to it over and over again to keep finding places where you can forgive over the course of your lifetime. This is my very favorite audio!!! I love this work. It frees up so much energy and gives us so much insight. MMMM.

$9.99 USD

Entire Series ($39.96 value!)
This will shift you into a new way of being. Download all four mp3 recordings for inspiration on how to forgive, how to release negative emotions around unspeakable behaviors, how to forgive yourself, and how to let go of those critical words people told you when you were a child. Ah! Forgiveness feels so good!!!

$24.99 USD

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