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How Do I Forgive

3 Steps to Forgiveness

Thank You for Purchasing How do I Forgive!

Welcome to How Do I Forgive! Originally built to be released each week, I listened to my first students who wanted all of the modules so they could go through them as they could…here you are!!!

If you ordered a special 1:1 session, contact Erica here!

Here are the modules!

Week 1: Forgiveness as a daily practice. How to get beyond our resistance. Several steps you can take to let go right now. Sneaky patterns that keep you from forgiving (and how to recognize them).

Week 1 Audio (Listen Now!)Week 1 Daily Forgiveness Practices

Week 2: What forgiveness is, and what it is not. Identify forgivenesses you seek to accomplish over the course of this class. Name your fears.

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6: This week is powerful. This is the love of self and letting go of anything you have not forgiven in yourself.


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