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How Do I Forgive

3 Steps to Forgiveness

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Here’s what I look like! To forgive my mom for the years of her dislike of my shape, I had to go into a place of compassion, and I had to get bigger with it. She was raised by a mom who taught her these things — and she mistakenly thought that being perfectly thin and flat was the “right shape.”

She disliked her breasts, and she taught me well to want to change mine. As I step into the awareness of knowing that we are all perfect in the eyes of God, I am able to forgive her own “smallness” and her own issues around my body. I have to own my own view of my body’s perfection, too.

It’s not an easy road, forgiveness. It can be a complete discipline and commitment to the truth of our light. The wonder and awe of being human.

Along with today’s message, I would like to share with you:

All six forgiveness videos! Each video takes you through a process of forgiving that will change your life and how you look at forgiveness, giving you the tools to place forgiveness in your life every day

First Video: Daily forgiveness practices. How to forgive small trespasses every single day. How to make forgiveness a way of life.
Second Video: Name your fears. Why don’t you forgive and how to get over the blocks that are stopping you.
Third Video: This is a timeline forgiveness release — exceptionally powerful — taking you from birth to age 10 and forgiving along your timeline
Fourth Video: What Lie did You Believe? This video takes you from age 10 to 20 — forgiving everything that happened during your teen years, and all the lies you may have been told
Fifth Video: This takes on hideous behavior and how to forgive the unforgive-able
Sixth Video: This is really the core of the entire course and if you can listen and really take in this video, you will release so much pain. This one is all about forgiving yourself. Ah.

All four forgiveness audios
Audio: Forgiveness As a Way of Being
When you commit to forgiveness as a way of being, your life force is given back to you and you are energized. Erica Glessing takes you into forgiveness and explains how you can let go of the pieces you have not been able to release!

Audio: Forgiveness for Unspeakable Behavior
How to forgive those acts that are truly unspeakable. How to get into forgiveness when it is beyond your current framework to be able to forgive. Letting go of the tough forgiveness pieces in your life.

Audio: Forgive the Lies You Were Told
Beginning from childhood, any time you were told that you were small, this was a lie. Because the human spirit is indeed great. Letting go of the lies you were told, letting go of parents and teachers criticisms. Stepping into your own greatness. Forgiving the difficult people in your life.

Audio: Journey through Your Timeline
This is a very powerful audio recording and you may not be driving or operating equipment while listening. You will be taken on a journey through your childhood into your present, forgiving in a chronological fashion from a deeply relaxed state. This is a miraculous process and always works. You may listen to it over and over again to keep finding places where you can forgive over the course of your lifetime. This is my very favorite audio!!! I love this work. It frees up so much energy and gives us so much insight. MMMM.

Plus an excerpt audio from the Happiness Telesummit where author Erica Glessing interviews the AMAZING happiness expert Marci Shimoff, and Marci explains how she forgave her sister. It is a very touching and original interview, it could move you to tears and shift something inside of you so that you can forgive, also.

All of this today for one AMAZING price!!!


I’m opening up the whole series so that you can really, truly, step into your own forgiveness! YUMM!

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