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How Do I Forgive

3 Steps to Forgiveness

Transcript of Forgiveness Video Series For You!

This is a beautiful 20-page ebook that takes all of the messages in all of the 9 videos Erica Glessing created on forgiveness and brings them to you in an easy-to-read fashion! Transcribed by Abigail Rose, Erica’s messages are easily digested in this transcript of the full course.

Highlights of the 20 pages of written transcripts of the complete How Do I Forgive Video Course (available here) include:

Forgiving people who are out of alignment with honor

Forgiving unforgive-able acts without condoning behavior

Releasing bullets and grudges long stuck inside of your body

Taking Yourself on a Forgiveness Journey back to your Birth

Getting to the Core of Your Most Challenging Forgivenesses

Forgiveness of Self


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